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Why to Schedule a Back to School Dental Cleaning for your Kids

children's dentist Independence missouri Most children count down the days until back to school parties, orientation, registration, school shopping, and picking out school supplies. But do your kids count down the days to a dentist appointment? Back to School dental appointments are a great way to get your kids excited for the upcoming school year.

Of course, many kids are scared of going to the dentist. Instead of bribing your kids to putt on a smile for the dentist, try offering dental visits as a back to school activity. Letting your children know that their teeth will look extra sparkly for school pictures is a great way to get them pumped up for their next cleaning. Assure them that dentists are professionals who want them to look and feel great in school.

Seeing a dentist twice a year during school-age years is critical because your little ones’ mouths are constantly changing. As baby teeth start to disappear and “grown-up” teeth take their place, it’s time to really pay attention to the frequency of their dental visits. A dental examination is as important as a booster shot and should be added to the to-do list of back to school preparations.

Regular dental checkups and preventative dental care provide your children with “smile” insurance. Regular examinations uncover treatable problems, as long as they are discovered early on. ABC Dental in Independence, Missouri will assist your little ones in maintaining healthy mouths.

Not only do we promote health, we encourage self-confidence! Studies show that one of the first things people notice about someone is their smile. Clean smiles promote a positive self-image, which is something every parent wants for their child, especially in the coming weeks before school starts.

However, if dental checkups make their way to the bottom of your priority list, your kids may experience a painful tooth which can lead to chronic illness. Soft spoken children may not voice the problem and their teacher may begin to notice issues. They may seem anxious, always tired, or unusually quiet. If you notice any of these symptoms contact ABC Dental immediately.

Back to school dental health doesn’t end when you walk out of our doors, however. Be sure to assist your children in brushing and flossing year round while reminding them that doing so will make their smiles look brand new! Brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are essential for a healthy mouth.

Another great option for maintaining oral health during the school year is to pack cold lunches. Invite your children to the grocery store and let them pick out their favorite healthy snacks. Chances are, they’ll be more receptive to the foreign idea of “healthy” if they get to hand pick their food options. Even better, if you pick out healthy options as well, you can demonstrate to them that health is an exciting life-long commitment.

So in the heat and excitement of back to school preparations, begin to make dental trips a treat. Every kid wants to look and feel great to combat the nerves of entering a new grade. ABC Dental will help both you and them have confidence in their smiles. Give us a call to schedule your back to school appointment today!

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