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Why Do Your Teeth Ache

toothache independence  There are many different things that can cause that horrific toothache. Toothaches can come at any time they please to. Sometimes, the pain can be so torturous that you will do absolutely anything you can to make the pain go away. Most times, we don’t know for sure what is causing the pain without a dentist at ABC Dental examining our teeth.

Common Causes

The common causes of a toothache include cavities, decay, or the tooth is fractured. A root or nerve that is exposed can also cause toothaches. This is from brushing your teeth too hard, making it so your gums recede and the root then becomes exposed. Never brush your gums harder because it will not get your teeth any cleaner. It will only cause your gums to recede and expose nerves, making you have pain.

A crack can cause a pain that is so unbearable. This is because cracks are very hard to detect and normally appear invisible to eyes and even x-rays. Anything that comes in contact with the cracked tooth, such as, food and even the air, can make your tooth hurt even worse. Get your tooth fixed as soon as you possibly can, or else your tooth can or will begin to break off at your gums.

Tobacco products are already bad for your teeth. This could also be why you are experiencing toothaches. Tobacco eats your teeth away and it doesn’t take long for this process to happen. Chewing tobacco is a contributor to the common toothache and tooth pain. Smoking can also cause aching in your teeth. This could also be why you are experiencing tooth pain.

Aches in Your Teeth and Jaw

If you are the type that has a bad habit of grinding or even clenching your teeth every so often may experience something that is called, “Bruxism.” Bruxism is when you have an ache that’s very dull in your teeth. This can even occur in your jaw and gums. You may not even know that you have bruxism because this most often occurs when you are sleeping. This is a very serious issue if not treated. It can turn to TMJ along with worn-down, decaying, and even teeth that are lost due to bruxism.

Severe Pain, Swelling, Sensitivity, Pressure, and Fever

An abscess is when your toothache turns into severe swollenness and very painful to the touch. This is also a very constant pain that never goes away. An abscess is a pocket infected tissue in your teeth and also in your gums that becomes so serious that it can spread into the bone and into the soft tissue that is around the bone. An abscess is tremendously dangerous because it can cause tissue damage, lost teeth, and even infection elsewhere in the body! Never wait to see a dentist at ABC Dental.


  • Always brush your teeth on a daily basis.
  • Go to your dentist for regular checkups to make sure your teeth are healthy, and also to prevent a cavity, decay, tooth break, etc.
  • If you feel a toothache coming on, don’t hesitate to go to your dentist and get the tooth fixed.

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