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Teething Troubles

Kids Dentist Independence MissouriA baby’s teeth buds start forming when they are still in the womb. Teething only begins when the tooth starts getting close to the surface and pushing its way through the gums. Because your baby’s gum tissue is very thin, this process can sometimes be painful and cause a bit of discomfort. That’s why many children will have problems when teething.

Some of the most common symptoms of teething include red and swollen gums, drooling, discomfort and difficulty in feeding. You’ll also notice your baby may be putting every little thing in the mouth trying to rub the gums.

There are a number of ways to relieve the pain and discomfort that your baby may experience when teething. You may notice that your baby may not really want to suck the bottle or your breasts when teething. This is common because sucking causes blood to rush to the already swollen area making it very sensitive. But a teething ring can put adequate pressure on your baby’s gums and chewing on it may actually relieve the discomfort.

When choosing a teething ring, be careful with liquid based products. Many of them may contain fluid that can easily leak. Some of them may not be sterilized so they expose your baby to a host of germs. Giving your baby a pacifier may also help to relieve the discomfort of teething. Just make sure any items you give your baby to chew on are soft and safe. Sometimes fruits and vegetables can act as a good soother for babies who are a bit older.

When giving your baby items to chew on to soothe the pain and discomfort of teething, make sure you keep an eye on them. Be careful that you don’t give your baby something she may choke on.

The other option is to apply a teething gel which is designed to relieve the pain. Rubbing a small amount on the sore gum may be effective but they should never be overused.

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