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Routine Cleaning & X-rays

Routine teeth cleanings and x-rays are an important part of preventative dental care. Kids should begin seeing the dentist from the time their first tooth erupts to ensure the healthy development of their teeth. Regular dental cleanings and checkups should take place every six months.

During your child’s visit we will remove plaque from tooth surfaces, check for any problems such as cavities, and discuss oral health and proper oral care for healthy smiles.

Dental Restorations

Our office provides dental restorations including dental fillings, pulp therapy, and restoration after external trauma. Tooth-colored composite resin fillings are available to treat dental caries. Tooth-colored fillings are more cosmetically appealing that traditional amalgam fillings and can be used on both front and back teeth.

Pulp therapy may be necessary if baby or primary teeth develop diseased pulp that causes unexplained pain and sensitivity. Pulp therapy requires the removal of diseased pulp from the tooth, followed by the placement of a crown to prevent additional decay. Pulp therapy allows primary  teeth to remain in place until they fall out naturally for the arrival of permanent teeth.

Fluoride & Hygiene Instruction

Early oral hygiene instruction can prevent dental caries and other oral health problems in children and young adults. Teaching children the proper way to brush and floss helps reduce plaque and bacteria development that can lead to cavities. Instruction for the proper use of fluoride and other products that contain fluoride is also provided.

Oral hygiene is affected by more than just brushing and flossing, and is also impacted by daily habits including what we eat, our eating habits, tobacco use, and other habits that can affect oral health. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health routine as well as your daily habits to establish an effective plan of action for healthy smiles.

Same Day Appointments & Emergencies

Our office understands that dental emergencies happen, or you need to make a last-minute appointment for a severe toothache. We offer same-day appointments, and dental emergencies can be seen the same day, allowing you to skip the emergency room and receive the care you need immediately.

If you experience a dental emergency such as a broken or knocked out tooth, a cut tongue, cheek or lip, or a severe toothache, call our office prior to coming in to receive any instruction.

Oral Health Evaluations

Toddler Oral Evaluation

Good oral health begins at a young age, and toddlers should be evaluated by a dentist around the time of their first birthday, or whenever teeth first begin to erupt. Early dental problems can cause pain and discomfort, and at such a young age your child may not be able to communicate what it is that is causing their discomfort.

Regular visits to the dentist help establish healthy habits and can reduce anxiety about the dentist. As a parent you can ask any questions about your child’s oral health and preventative dental care.

Teen Oral Consultation

As children get older their oral health needs change. Permanent teeth are established and habits formed during teenage years will impact their oral health throughout their lifetime. Teen oral consultations include a comprehensive evaluation of your teen’s oral health, and allows the dentist to identify any necessary treatment or preventative measures necessary to maintain good oral health.




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