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Daily Habits That Can Contribute to Tooth Pain


family dentist independenceIt’s the hope of every dentist that your child’s teeth are being cared for. It’s recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day in order to rid your mouth of the plaque and bacteria. In addition to brushing, you should be flossing and rinsing your mouth to protect your gums and all around oral health. Even if you are working hard to teach your children healthy oral habits, there may be times when your little one still gets a toothache. ABC Dental can help you determine habits the contribute to tooth pain how to take action to relieve tooth pain.

Binky, Bottles & Sippy Cups

Sucking is a natural habit and means of soothing for an infant and toddler. While children enjoy the comfort of their binkies, bottles and sippy cups, each of these tools should be a method of transition to a cup. It’s recommended to have your child completely removed from their pacifier by age 2-3. Prolonged sucking on a binky or bottle can cause the position and direction of baby teeth to grow and situate themselves incorrectly. Additionally, prolonged sucking can cause the jaw to misalign and the mouth to narrow. These issues can cause pain and additional problems as your child grows and has their permanent teeth set, costing you a fortune to rectify the problem.

Bed Time

For many young children, it’s easy to put them to bed with their milk or juice, as this helps comfort them and lulls them to sleep. However, in doing so, the sugary liquids are sticking to your children’s teeth which can cause bacteria to break down the tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay. If your child prefers a night time drink, give them their drink prior to bed, and make sure to brush their teeth afterwards to remove the sugar, plague and bacteria to limit the amount of debris lingering all night.

Tooth Decay

From the consumption of sugary food and drink to lack of brushing and/or flossing regularly, there are many ways for your children to have some degree of tooth decay. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 28% of U.S. children ages 2-5 have had some tooth decay. This disease can affect and interfere with your child’s ability to play, eat, sleep and learn. Tooth decay can consist of chipped or cracked teeth, damage to tooth enamel, infection in the gum, cavities, and more.

If your child complains of tooth pain, look to see if you can determine the cause. You can take steps to clean your child’s mouth with warm water, careful brushing and flossing to dislodge any debris that may be between teeth and see if their pain goes away.  However, if the problem persists and interferes with daily tasks like eating, sleeping, and learning, it is best to see a dentist. Toothaches can simulate other medical conditions and be accompanied by a fever, difficulty chewing, swallowing and breathing. If you have any concerns, ABC Dental is here to help you have peace of mind and provide relief and care for you child. We’ll be able to determine the cause of discomfit and provide the best solution to have your child leave with a happy, healthy smile.

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