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Children And Professional Dental Care

Kids Dentist Independence MissouriEvery parent wants the best children’s general dentistry for their child. They want their child to be handled by a friendly and approachable staff that is always able to ensure the most pleasant and comfortable dental experience for their child.

Great dental care ensures the use of cutting edge techniques, including emergency dental care, routine cleanings as well as x-rays, and dental services for babies, children and teenagers. Dentists at ABC Dental can also provide oral sedation to children with dental phobia and moderate anxiety. This is a technique that puts your child at ease during the procedure. Other patients that require such services include those in need of extensive dental treatments, or even the ones that have strong gag reflexes or low tolerance to pain. In general, this type of sedation is aimed at alleviating discomfort in the patients during the dental procedures.

Highly trained professionals are always ready to and are most dedicated to service delivery to all: toddlers, children and young adults. They aim at creating a pleasant experience for you and your child, while at their offices. You should expect friendly and compassionate care for your child. Our dentists aim is to ensure that both you and your child have a good lifetime made of healthy smiles.

ABC Dental provides a variety of dental health services, this includes oral sedation or hospital-based dentistry if necessary. This is available for those patients that suffer from high anxiety or require extensive care.  This type of service is usually offered on the basis of outpatient cases in an ordinary hospital. It entails treatment by placing the patient under general anesthesia and close monitoring. If your child experiences high levels of anxiety for any reason, let’s talk about hospital-based dentistry. Hospital-based dentistry may also be a good option for children with special needs.

At ABC Dental all insurance Medicaid plans from Missouri and Kansas Medicaid are accepted as well as insurance plans from private insurance companies. However, for questions regarding whether or not your insurance plan is listed with ABC Dental call us today. Our dental offices are located in Independence, Missouri.



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