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Can Oral Sedation Help Your Child?

Oral Sedation Independence, MissouriABC Dental know that many children become anxious when they visit the dentist. As a result, they may not be able to relax or sit still long enough to receive treatment. Advances in sedation drug therapy now enable pediatric healthcare providers to treat children and teenagers who would otherwise be too anxious and fearful.

Oral Sedation dentistry is one of the techniques used here at ABC Dental, to help patients who experience anxiety and dental fears receive the proper dental health care. Oral sedation dentistry, also referred to as oral conscious sedation, allows the patient to remain conscious throughout the dental treatment, relaxed and anxiety-free.

Oral Sedation involves sedative drugs taken in pill or liquid form to achieve a state of relaxation. Oral sedation dentistry typically increases the level of co-operation of patients with dental fears and prevents them from neglecting their dental health. Many dental professionals who treat kids are now performing more invasive procedures, such as filling cavities or extracting teeth, in conjunction with conscious sedation.

As opposed to general anesthesia, which results in a total loss of consciousness, this type of sedation causes a child to feel completely calm and relaxed while breathing normally on his or her own. Conscious sedation can achieve a minimal to deep suppression of consciousness. Children are also able to respond appropriately and normally to physical tactile stimulation and verbal commands. Afterwards the child will remember nothing about the procedure.

Minimal conscious sedation is typically used for the treatment of fear and anxiety with invasive dental procedures. Deep conscious sedation usually relies on the use of sedative medication delivered through a vein (intravenously). All of the above can be administered in an office setting by a dentist who is specially trained and qualified in dental sedation.

When your child is to receive oral sedation, you will receive instructions, which may include:
• What to expect during treatment
• What to watch for after treatment
• Whether to eat or drink before the procedure
In some instances you may need to carry your child home after sedation. Your dentist will discuss how your child will be monitored during sedation. Afterwards your child will be observed for a short time. The dental staff will make sure recovery is complete and watch for signs of any problems.
If you think oral sedation might be the right option for your child, please call our friendly staff to set up a consultation. If you have questions about oral sedation in Independence, Missouri please call ABC Dental. 

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